Untying the Knots of Energetic Awareness

As I struggle for a topic this week, I am aware of the reality and challenge of change. The process of growth and transformation frequently require tedious and repetitious practice. I say this as a reminder to myself and others in an effort to be gentle and patient. For even after many years and decades of personal and spiritual growth, I still have to remind myself to be patient, tolerant, and open. Open to yet another layer that emerges, and present with the reality that there is no magical point at which we are free from our own pitfalls. Pitfalls that persuade us into hoping and thinking that maybe… just maybe… we will be free of falling off center. This time I will stand strong and unshakable; this time I will stay in the grace of genuine power in spite of confused and tangled energies.

I realize how silly that fantasy is. But, like the coyote who is a trickster who tricks herself, it can be easy to trip ourselves and fall into a delusion of weakness and inadequacy. The confusion of various energetic influences can become twisted. Understanding energy can be a bit like trying to untangle a pile of knots. At first glance, we see the cords by sensing an energetic presence. Often, before we realize it, the fibers can become intertwined and tangled. If you want a rope to hold strong, it requires a clean knot. If you try to support something with a confused and tangled mess, the cord will weaken, shorten, and end up failing to hold. In other words, I think it can be easy to mistake a confused mess of energetic influences for a strong knot. We trick ourselves into giving the power to the chaos instead of simply untangling the mess. As with change, untying knots can be a tedious and repetitious experience. Hopefully, we will sort through the jumbled fibers of energy and ground, bringing clarity.

woven scuplture
“String Web” woven sculpture by Machiko Agano

What facilitates clarity? Understanding that truth is different for each of us can help. I try to ground in an awareness that there is no such thing as absolute truth, right or wrong, good or bad. Each and every one of us perceive based on life experience. Our psyches act as filters and lenses in which we view ourselves and the world. Sometimes we zoom in, other times we back out for a wide angle, and far more often than we consciously realize, we utilize filters. What is true and authentic for me is not the same for another. My filters may be tinted yellow while someone else’s is blue. One person may record an experience in color and another in black and white. When perception gets blurred, it can be challenging to recognize and identify what is our reality verses another’s. Consequently, we may need shift our focus and reframe in order to gain clarity.

So, here it is: Nothing particularly glamorous or insightful, just the basic foundation of healing, growth, and change. We will be called upon to repeat, try again, and keep persevering. Sometimes, we may feel like we’ve been in the same place thousands of times before, but if we are mindful and present, we will discover that each experience is slightly different because we have changed. We can shift out of the past, stop chasing the future, and accept the present. We can be gentle with ourselves by remembering: Slow down, sort through the mess, and untangle the knots. As the twisted jumble becomes sorted out, the fibers transform into a foundation for joy and well-being. We create material that protects and comforts us. We continue to heal; we weave the fabric of a meaningful life that fosters genuine power and authentic being. Try to remember: The process of change and healing will produce a strong foundation that can weather storms and stand strong. Threads may break and cords may tangle, but the end result can be a work of art – an authentic life!

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