Tips for Clearing Energetic Intrusion

sun and fog
Image by Mike Behnken

A while back I started a series of blogs about energetic awareness. As I said back then, this is a topic of significance for me. Mainly for two reasons: One, it dramatically impacts my life, and two, I find a lack of information available on the topic. There is guidance and teaching regarding shamanic practices for understanding and working with energy. There are books that speak to clearing and cleansing our auras and so on, that for me, only address lighter and more surface aspects of energy. There are teachings that help us to wake up by being authentic and mindful. All of the above can assist us with awakening and centering if we are willing to do the work required for growth and genuine healing.

Given my desire for a holistic approach, I find myself trying to balance deep core healing and simple techniques that can assist us with coping with energy. As beings, we are experiencing a continual flow of energies. Many we are not even conscious of. We may be experiencing mood and mind states that are influenced by our energy, another’s energy, hormones, physical states, nature, our environment, and so on. As we heal and become more aware, we learn to identify different energy flows. You may discover, as I have, that as you open to sensing energy, there is a far greater variety than I initially imagined. Not only are there vast energy vibrations that emanate from our environment, but there is an abundance of different energies coming from within.

The challenge then becomes: How do we remain open, yet differentiate and not take on the energy of another as our own? Or, even when we do recognize an intrusion, how do we effectively maintain boundaries that enable us to stay grounded and centered? Frequently, the issue becomes: Now that I know I am under the influence of another, how do I clear and regain a more genuine sense of self and soul? As I’ve said before, when we take on another’s energy as our own, it is a form of intoxication. Once intoxicated, it is much more challenging to come down than having chosen not to get high to begin with. So, I continue on my path of discovery in hopes of pausing and being more conscious of aspects that are buying into getting high.

I have learned a few things along the way.

Step 1: Follow the emotion. There is some aspect of us that resonates with the energy. That aspect allows us to open the flood gates in order to get our attention. Resistance may be strong, but eventually futile if you stick with it. Often, I find that thoughts and synchronicity can help guide me toward the emotional states when I am feeling dense and cloudy.

Step 2: Once you’ve identified the emotion, give it a voice. Maybe the voice is internal. It’s not about the shape and form it takes. What is important is that we pay attention and observe our suffering.

Step 3: As you observe the suffering, find the root pain. In my experience, I am usually shocked at how the root pain is never as “painful” as the suffering. All the defense mechanisms, mind trips, and reactive emotions create suffering that seems to add up to far more than the pain that is being masked.

Step 4: Let it go! Thanks to teachers like Pema Chödrön, Sharon Salzberg, and Jack Kornfield, I am learning to simply observe the pain and frequently that is enough for healing.

Step 5: Repeat as necessary. If the energy doesn’t lighten and clear, then there is more to discover. Sometimes it’s like an archaeological dig. We start at the surface and gently, or maybe not so gently, excavate until we find the treasure beneath. I know pain may not seem like a treasure, but I assure you it is. If you allow yourself to observe the root pain, genuine healing will take place. Healing that is lasting and can bring great reward. Often, that is enough for the energy to lift and allow the light of my soul to shine through again.

I’d love to say that there is an easier way, and if you know of one, please share it! However, in my experience if I do not dig down to the core, then it is like the universal whisper than turns into a cosmic 2 X 4. A disruptive influence will return, I will take it on, and off I will go into diversion, delusion, confusion, and heaviness. My energy becomes dense as I seek to lighten.

Of course, no matter how much we heal, awakening and being mindful is a lifelong process. So, repeat, and one step forward then one or two steps back will still be happening. In spite of the reality of growth as a never ending process, I also know that each time I heal, peace gains a stronger foothold. And maybe, just maybe, next time I sense energetic intrusion I will not get as intoxicated. I will trust and value myself enough to observe without judgment. Light will pierce through the fog as I breathe in clarity.

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