Tipping the Scales: 13 Guidelines to Strengthen Your Soul’s Energy

Sometimes I feel like there’s a fine line between observing without attachment and being overly neutral. Kind of like a teeter totter, sitting in the center may seem more stable, but it doesn’t take much to disrupt the position and send one flying up or down. I was thinking of this analogy after (again synchronicity) hearing references to the consequences of “negative” energies. This was on the heels of last weeks challenge with intrusion, so it got me thinking: Am I missing something by trying to simply observe?

I do prefer to avoid classifying things as good/bad, positive/negative, right or wrong. For me, neutral observation simply means accepting. Accepting what is openly and honestly. When we classify energies and feelings as positive or negative, it is too easy to consciously or unconsciously seek to avoid what is real. That said, I do think there are healthy and life affirming energies verses toxic and draining energies; even though they may be different for each of us. When I refer to tipping the scales, I am speaking about being more proactive in strengthening healthy energies of a higher vibration so that when toxic – or what many call negative – energies present I am less affected by them. In other words, we can tip the scales to a favorable direction thus fortifying healthy loving energy. We can strengthen our soul’s energy and presence and be less vulnerable to external influences. We can make a choice to be proactive in shaping our way of being and our vulnerabilities energetically. But how?

I still have a lot to learn, but I have found some techniques along the way. Here are my top 13 things for tipping your energetic scale towards healthy and healing vibrations.

  1. Meditate. Meditation can take unlimited shape and form. It’s not so important how or what approach you take, just so you try. Take a few minutes, or give yourself a real gift of an hour or more, and slow down: mentally, physically, and emotionally. Observe, relax, and visualize clearing your aura, chakras, environment, and fortifying with the healing energy of all that is, pure white light – or whatever you choose to call it.
  2. Read something that has meaning and purpose for you. Spiritual reading can be grounding, supportive, and even meditative. I am amazed at how much I seem to weaken and lower my vibration when I do not feed my mind with healthy supportive input on an ongoing basis. Access to teachers is unlimited with books, so it’s an invaluable resource to me.
  3. Approach life holistically. I do not think in terms of singular cause and effect. What we feed our minds, bodies, and souls all serve to create or diminish our quality of life. The fewer toxins we put into our bodies and lives, the more we can sustain energy for abundance and well being.
  4. Learn to identify your own energy. This may sound easy, but it’s not necessarily so. It’s another reason why meditation is so important. How can we recognize unwanted influences if we are not in touch with our authentic energy? Also, learning to differentiate between an unhealthy energy as an aspect of our being that is seeking healing verses the projection of another is part of genuine healing.
  5. While you’re learning about energy, become familiar with different vibration qualities. Observe the difference between lower vibration energies that accompany anger, fear, depression, and so on verses love, light, and kindness. While you’re at it, pay attention to all that’s in between too. Understanding different qualities of energy is part of waking up and becoming conscious and proactive not just reactive. By the way, vibration and frequency are a critical component to accurately recognizing your guides verses elementals or energy leeches.
  6. Create sacred space. Whether it’s a small simple area for peace and relaxation or spreads throughout your home and office, find some item(s) that you resonate with in a meaningful manner. Some thing that reminds you of unlimited potential and loving kindness. Recognize what gets in the way and puts up barriers in your environment. I am not a clean freak, so it took me many years to understand that cleaning can clear a space energetically and have an effect way beyond the visual.
  7. Before you get up each day and before you go to sleep at night, set your intention. For example, when I go to bed, I ask for guidance and healing in my dreams and sleep.
  8. Create a personal prayer or mantra. It doesn’t matter how long it is. Create something you can fall back on automatically when disrupted, need bolstering throughout your day, and when you wake up in the night.
  9. Help is always available. I know, even when I feel completely alone, that I am never alone. There are always guides, healers, and helping spirits of pure universal light present to assist. Even if we cannot hear, see, or sense them, they are here! Just ask. Assistance can be found in a wide variety of shapes and forms whether physical healers, friends, or family, so take advantage of whatever supports your healing process.
  10. When you are disrupted – and you will be – relax, remember your resources, and persevere. Stamina, patience, tolerance, and loving kindness start within. Try to treat yourself with the same compassion that you would like to convey to another.
  11. Cultivate curiosity. Exploration and curiosity help us to remain open and flexible.
  12. Be creative. Creativity is a wonderful expression of spirit.
  13. Lighten up! It’s just life. Have fun. Live, laugh, love.

Maybe you have other tips or ideas? If so, I invite you to share by posting comments.

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