The Gift of Healing

Message from self: Be who you need to be regardless of what others desire, expect, and hope you to be. Individuality comes with a price and rewards. The price may be a lot of hard work, perseverance, and confrontation of the various aspects of one’s self – not always a fun task to say the least. Self awareness requires time, patience, and an ever evolving and ongoing ability to begin anew again and again. However, the rewards of healing are far greater than the price. As we heal and transform ourselves, our bodies lighten with the release of toxins, we allow for the creation of healthier cells and energy patterns, and our lives begin to flow in a more graceful manner. Even in the face of disease, we can still experience genuine healing that transforms our souls and our lives. I view each step of healing like a gathering of soul energy that allows our authentic and genuine being to shine more and more vibrantly. Each and every time I emerge from a healing experience or cycle, I feel a sense of gratitude, grace, and transformation. I can glimpse and sense my potential to stand in genuine power. Sometimes, like now, I can even feel my soul’s presence, not just as a part of me or potential, but radiating throughout my being. These are gift moments of self discovery and awareness. These are the moments where I float on the wings of grace and soar free.

In Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s blog today (Leaning into Faith), she writes: And what grace it is that we do not all need to have complete faith in every moment in order to hear and heed the call of the soul, that we can lean a little on another’s faith today and allow another to lean on us tomorrow. We cannot hear the choice another’s soul wants to make but we can by our presence, though our companioning in faith, whisper, “Listen” and “Trust.”

It is my hope that by sharing my experiences of healing and transformation, that my stories can offer a little bit of hope and faith for another to lean on. This is who I am, and who I need to be. I attempt to share both the dark and the light of my journey because that is human reality. We do not make a home for our soul by disregarding the dark and only seeking light. Honesty requires cutting through the veils of illusion. We must embrace the duality and grant ourselves the grace to feel, express, and fully experience who we are. Life can bring every fathom of experience. Many are ripe with opportunities to heal and grow. Pain is unavoidable. Too often the pain we experience is from the hands of another. Aggression involves violating the rights of another. In contrast, assertiveness nurtures confidence without needing to force our agenda onto another being. Aggression involves manipulation and an attempt to control. Assertiveness engages authentic power. Power centered in honoring all paths as equal and respecting our own selves.

Standing in genuine power embodies an acceptance and expression of our individuality as well as our unity. It takes courage to find our unique voice and speak from our souls. We may be met with aggression and required to assert ourselves. We may be greeted with love and support. We might remain unseen. Regardless, each time we confront our fears and inadequacies, and express ourselves from our heart, we heal our souls and create space for loving kindness in our lives. The choice is ours: Do we embrace our individuality, nurture our well-being and creativity, and support the same in another? Do we allow ourselves the healing that is required to be who we need to be regardless of what others desire, expect, and hope for us? Can we let ourselves lean on one another and allow others to lean on us in support of healing and empowerment? Can we learn to be who our soul’s need us to be?

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