Recognizing Patterns

Being human certainly has its challenges. Our bodies manifest patterns that present in unlimited forms. Sometimes the symptoms are obvious, and other times the patterns remain hidden from our awareness. It seems to me, there is always some sort of message being sent through our bodies.

The messages may be something simple and mundane like: feed me, don’t eat that, get out of the sun, sleep more, or your body is changing. On an energetic level, we may be sensing intuitively and receiving information regarding our selves, our lives, and others. On a psychological level, our reactions and behaviors create consequences for every level of our existence. For example, stress can easily spiral out of control, and the underlying message can range from simply taking better care of ourselves to dramatic change being required.

When I look at ongoing patterns in my life, I try to evaluate a series of symptoms, events, thoughts, feelings, and experiences that seem to weave together. Initially, we may not even recognize any connection between things that are happening. The variety of signs can easily be confused and seen as unrelated events. However, that is rarely the case.

Image by Kecko

As I attempt to recognize patterns, I use a holistic approach. I try to back up, see the overall picture, and balance various aspects. Like the crop circle above, it can take some distance to see the overall pattern. Embracing a holistic perspective allows for both the details and a broader view.

A holistic life style embodies a multidimensional process: Spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. I have to admit, this can turn on me. I can easily attribute more responsibility than is appropriate to the non-physical aspects. Sometimes, fatigue is hormonally driven in spite of me thinking that “I am over that.” I push and berate myself for not being more motivated and active. I blur the details. My perspective is out of focus due to part denial, wishful thinking (hoping I really am over it), and simple lack of awareness. Eventually, there it is: The undeniable pattern. The fog of confusion lifts as the clarity of recognizing what is familiar comes through.

This time, the physical pattern is simply a surging of hormones that I thought was long gone. As I move into acceptance and process my awareness of the last days, I also have to acknowledge the other pattern: How easy it still is to take the road that leads to spiritual oppression due to lack of physical energy.

As I lift myself up from the oppression, I can also see how the pattern is not quite as solid as it once was. There is healing. Yet, healing embodies a tremendous amount of acceptance. Accepting that we are not born human to be perfect, have healthy bodies free of the effects of aging and illness, and nothing is permanent.

So, what is the message of the recent cycle? Maybe it is simply to be kinder and more patient with myself. A gentle reminder to not get caught up in expectations and illusions that doing is more important than being regardless of how being may be taking shape and form in the moment.


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