Prayer for the New Year

Life is filled with surprises. Even when something happens that we anticipate, our reaction and the consequences of an experience may still catch us by surprise. We cannot plan or control what goes on in the world, but we can foster peace and grace through acceptance and loving kindness. We can do our best – at any given moment – to respond to ourselves, one another, and the world with honesty, respect, dignity, faith, and hope. We can trust in a bigger picture, knowing that we are never truly alone, and in humanity to persevere over lack of vision and limited awareness.

I think we are experiencing an evolution. Our souls, the planet, and the universe are nudging us along to evolve beyond the prevailing conditioning. As I open to the grace, peace, and optimism of a new year, the possibilities of 2012 and evolution of humanity, I send my prayers of support for all who are asking for assistance, to my own soul and personality to be uplifted, and for the healing that all inhabitants of earth and earth herself seem to be calling out for.

It is my hope that we respond to life and one another with graciousness. My intention for this prayer is to support the light and healing of all.

Labyrinth of Light
Labyrinth of Light by ItzaFineDay

Great Spirit, take us under your wing and help us to soar above the mundane and into unlimited potential.

As we support the evolution of our souls:

May we shed our past and manifest our soul’s and humanity’s potential.

May we nurture the well-being and healing of all our relations regardless of shape, size, form, lifestyle, or beliefs.

May we transform our lives through healing and stand in the strength of genuine power.

May we be guided and informed wisely by light, all that is, the universe, or whatever one chooses to call divine energy.

May we be guided and sustained to act with wisdom, grace, and compassion.

May we walk in harmony and balance with all life and tread lightly on Mother Earth.

May we know and express gratitude for the generosity and abundance of Mother Earth.

May Peace, Love, and Light prevail.


Happy New Year!



Copyright (c) 2012 Sallie Odenthal. All rights reserved.

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