Right now, in this moment, I am trying to tend to the task of writing. I am trying to create some meaning and purpose in my day by giving voice to my inner prompting. More importantly, I am trying to nurture my well-being. I can sense myself stumbling along the way and struggling to find a clear path as is often the way with creative endeavors and spiritual growth. Yet, somehow I keep coming back to the awareness of a desire to nurture my authentic self. To just keep going forward even though I have no idea where the trail is taking me. That somehow, in some way, I will make it to the end and feel better, clearer, stronger, and more aware once I arrive. Like guiding a horse to water, my soul will drink in the energy of loving kindness, compassion, and patience and radiate that throughout my being.

So, what brought me to this space of seeking nurturance? What does it have to do with who I really am? And, how does that shape my ability to live a life more centered in my genuine self and move closer to the unlimited potential within that we all possess? For one thing, I have learned that when I become overly vulnerable to unwanted influences, both within and without, I am slipping back into old conditioning of how I taught myself to be. Then, a small inner voice begins to chant: You taught yourself how to be, so teach yourself something new. Not a new talent or concept, but a new way of being. For when we let go and shed the past, it can also create a kind of void. Like deleting software programs from a hard drive, the computer still needs some type of program to function. As we make space for growth and awareness, we also benefit by supplementing our consciousness with ideas that embody how we want to be. For me, infinite potential, expanded awareness, and genuine freedom are that which I seek to embody. I consider this a type of nurturing. I am nurturing my potential and supporting my authentic self by updating my subconscious conditioning. In other words, I am feeding myself healthier messages that support and validate my future self instead of relying on whatever my monkey mind tosses out. Because usually, the monkey will swing through the trees in spite of our efforts to coax it down and rest. So, why not consciously choose what we feed it?

I invite you to discover that which nurtures your soul and genuine well-being. What is it that supports and encourages your freedom to take flight physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? How can you foster more of that which is life supportive and beneficial? What is it that nurtures your soul? For me, some of the answers are found in reading, creative expression, eating well, and taking care of my environment. However, I know deep down that the strongest influence is that if I do not nurture my genuine being, I diminish my capacity to reflect loving kindness, patience, and compassion to others. It can be like rushing towards a cliff without enough time to stop. I end up being led astray by unwanted influences, and that digs a canyon of limitations, doubts, fears, and insecurities. An abyss that bars me from freedom to be more authentic. When I make a conscious choice regarding what I feed my mind, body, and soul, I am nurturing my well-being. I am lifting off, and hopefully, climbing out into a more loving, peaceful, and expansive state of being. I am able to be more compassionate, tolerant, and accepting of myself and others. I am able to honor another’s path in spite of being different from my own. I find peace.

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