Note to Humanity

Life is short. So, please take me as I am.

Our time with one another is brief, so why not embrace loving kindness?

The concept of kindness sounds good. So, why does it seem so elusive?

Maybe you feel that you cannot show loving kindness to me. That’s ok. Find someone else that you can share it with.

Respecting one another is an act of kindness. Accepting that we do not need to be alike, believe the same thing, and agree fosters peace.

If I am not your cup of tea, that’s ok, let go, and move on. May you drink from the pot of loving kindness and know that I wish you well.

We are all equal. No one is of more of less value than another. Please do not place yourself above or below me.

Dalai Lama
Image by abhikrama

Freedom is empowering. Set yourself free. I have.

We are all of value, worth, and deserving of happiness and peace. I am not here to serve your illusions of grandeur.

If I say “no”, can you accept and forgive me for not meeting your expectations?

Peace comes from within. Acting from peace fosters loving kindness.

Authentic being is not born from meeting others expectations and conforming to ideas of how things “should” or “should not” be. I prefer to foster loving kindness and genuine healing.

Acceptance comes from within. I do not expect you to make me feel valued and deserving of love. That is too much of a burden to impose on another being. I set you free from responsibility for my way of being, how I feel, and how I am.

Compassion may seem like a daunting task. After all, in order to experience compassion, we must be willing to bear witness to pain and suffering. May you find strength in compassion.

What can each of us do to create more generosity of spirit instead of feeding pain and suffering?

We can nurture loving kindness and let each other off the hook for how we feel, what we do, and the lives we create.

When we gather our soul’s energy and give it voice through our lives, we stand in genuine power. Illusionary power is no longer necessary. The desire to power-over vanishes. Peace prevails. Freedom is born. Loving kindness grows.

May you know that I love you.



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