Moving Forward with Risk Taking

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Life involves risk whether we are aware of the possible consequences of our choices or not. Each and every moment we are alive, we are making choices. Some are automatic like breathing. Many are driven by our subconscious and sneak by our awareness. If we are mindful, we are attempting to be aware and conscious of our process and the direction we hope to be going. We are present with the potential for discomfort and enjoyment.

There are those who prefer to allow their subconscious to drive their lives and way of being. Living unaware and in a reflexive state is still taking a risk. The risk lies in how loudly the universe and our souls need to call out to get our attention (aka, a whimper or a cosmic 2 x 4 slamming our reality).

Moving forward with our lives requires conscious risk taking. In an effort to be present and mindful of the many choices we make at any given moment, honesty must prevail. If we are not honest with ourselves, then we will stay in the comfort of our defense mechanisms. We attempt to soothe our neuroses with the temptation of avoidance of underlying fear and anxieties.

For me, being present or mindful means that I am attempting to be conscious and aware of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and soul energies. I am trying to shift out of automatic pilot. I am endeavoring to travel a path that evolves and transcends my neuroses. As I grow, I diminish my need to escape, avoid, or run from my past, pain, and discomfort.

How is that risky? Decision making that comes from expanded awareness requires us to take responsibility for our individual pain and suffering. Not as a means to burden and blame, but in order to heal. As we heal, we encourage ourselves to move forward with a sense of gratitude and grace. We create space to look ahead with a sense of accomplishment. We open the door to well-being knowing that we do not need to slam the door shut on our past because there is nothing to hide.

Taking a conscious risk with who we are requires courage. There will be those who attempt to fit us into a role or image that simply does not reflect who we really are. It can be easy to take on the projection of another as a sense of inadequacy. The energy of disappointment can form both internally and externally. It can feel perilous to be honest and genuine in the face of possible rejection. In reality, it can be terrifying to risk rejection when we feel dismissed and devalued. Relationships have their own road to travel and the destination for each person may be in different directions. It doesn’t matter whether its family, friends, or romantic, it can be easy to internalize rejection as a reflection of our self-worth. Suddenly, it can seem like it is up to another to validate our worth instead of ourselves.

Being genuine and mindful asks us to show up authentically; to make choices centered in who we are not what another wants us to be; and to not allow another’s agenda to be internalized as a reflection of our value.

Conscious risk taking involves holding ourselves accountable for how we feel. Self-respect, self-worth, and well-being will birth the same in relationships if we walk our talk. That means allowing for differences and similarities. We can suspend judgments and foster acceptance even when that may mean separation or avoidance of contact. Keep the faith, there will be those who respond in kind. There will be experiences when honesty is rewarded with healing and understanding, and the risk we take to move forward in a conscious manner manifests as an expression of appreciation and love. The opportunity exists for all of us not just a special few.

The ultimate risk is one we take with our own selves. The outcome is still unknown. Relationships are dynamic and the one we have within is no different. The rewards are a life centered in meaning and purpose regardless of the shape and form that takes. We are all deserving of the benefits that come from growth, healing, and risk taking birthed from expanded awareness.


Copyright (c) 2012 Sallie Odenthal. All rights reserved.

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