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Creations by Sallie Odenthal

spiral logo15% of ALL SALES will be donated to CHARITY!

Custom mosaic designed with a variety of materials including: sheet glass, glass tiles, fused glass, ceramic tiles, rocks, and anything else I can find or you provide.

Custom mosaic altar tables uniquely designed for your personal style and spiritual preferences (please email Sallie for additional info.).

Mosaic table tops (dining, indoor/outdoor, end tables, side tables), wall art, signs, and mirrors.

Instruction and Workshops

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Custom Table Tops

Medicine Wheel Table

This mosaic design is based on a Native American Medicine Wheel. The table is 60″ in diameter, and each section represents one of the four directions North, East, South, and West. The wheel is on a turtle’s back representing Mother Earth with a yin yang symbol in the center depicting the importance of balancing the four aspects and energies. In the North, is a dragon fly which for me illustrates the illusionary qualities of the mind, in the East, is a bald eagle representing spirit, in the South is a frog to symbolize the cleansing brought about through emotional awareness, in the West is a snake representing the transmutation of the physical.


Cycling Table

This is a 45″ table top with a design theme that was inspired by an individual’s love of bicycling. The table has four sections, and each area depicts bike rides that the person has participated in. One section is Mt. Hood which is also a winter scene. The spring scene represents a Lance Armstrong ride with the yellow band, live strong, 7 time Tour de France champion, and a yellow rose which is given to cancer survivors as they cross the finish line. A summer scene depicting Haystack Rock in Pacific City was the end point for the Reach the Beach ride that started in Beaverton. The fall scene is Lake Tahoe and Team in Training which was an organized ride to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and a ride that the cyclist completed during a series of chemo treatments and consequently went into full remission.


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