In my experience, meditation is the most important tool for learning about energy. In many ways, meditation is all about energy, so it can be a great foundation for clearing, calming, and strengthening. Meditation can help us learn to recognize different energies, vibrations, and qualities of intention, wisdom, and guidance. It is like opening a door that welcomes our soul’s presence more fully into our lives.

Over 25 years ago, I started a journey. A spiritual and psychological odyssey that was driven by a hunger to find peace and well-being. I found myself waking up feeling anxious, guilty, and insecure. I decided that I was not willing to live my life feeling that way so often, so I began a journey of self discovery which included meditation. When I started to consciously pursue a path of expanded awareness, I also quickly realized that there are infinite influences on us energetically. As I began to surf and navigate these energetic waves, I realized how often what I thought was my own energy and influence was actually me taking on another’s energy as my own. As the decades evolved, my sensitivity to the intrusion of unwanted influences seemed to heighten. It was almost as if the more aware I became of the various energies presenting themselves to me, that the more influenced I became by the energies. I doubt that was really the case. What was more likely is that the more conscious I became of various energies, the less tolerant I became of unwanted influences and non-beneficial energies. Either way, I began to seek out resources, especially through books and meditation, that would help me to more effectively cope, manage my response, and stay clearer, stronger, and healthier with my own energy and soul’s presence.

When I first started meditating, I struggled with what “to do”, how I was supposed to be approaching “it” and so on. Much like learning about energetic awareness and intrusion, learning “how” to meditate was a bit frustrating when I sought out help and expertise from books. These days, I think there is much more accessible and helpful information, but back then, what I found was formal and illusive. So, I decided to just sit and use the time to set my intention, relax, open, and see where that went. Almost immediately, I felt a growing sense of peace and patience if I took even 15 minutes to start my day with mediation instead of just doing. Part of this process included setting my intention to recognizing and sensing energy more clearly. I soon realized that the more familiar I am with my own energy, the more easily I can recognize unwanted influences and non-beneficial energies and attempt to respond appropriately. As I evolved, I soon began to receive guidance, support, nurturing, and expand my awareness beyond the confines of insecurities and doubt. Over the decades, my meditation has changed dramatically, and as with energetic awareness, continues to transform, heal, and inform wisely. I approach meditation differently on any given day, and it is almost always a surprise where it takes me. For me, opening to understanding and increasing my awareness of energy is very similar to meditating in that it is ever evolving, an unlimited path of potential and surprises (whether enjoyable or not), and still embodies a questioning of what “to do” and “how” to deal with what I am sensing and feeling.

When I meditate, I make room for what might otherwise slip by my perception. I open to multidimensional awareness that attempts to embody all aspects of myself and beyond. Then, I can energize my being with healing and truly soar above the mundane towards unlimited potential, shed my past, open to being informed wisely, and stand in genuine power.

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