Letting the Future Unfold

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It can be a fine line between staying grounded in the present while opening to a glimpse of the future. I am grateful for what I have, yet I also know that change – big change – is inevitable. I want to appreciate where I am, what I have, and enjoy the opportunities of my life as much as possible. I try to use the awareness of change – unknown transformations – that lie ahead as an opportunity to cherish the moment. Yet, the challenge remains: How do we focus on a potential future in order to manifest and take responsibility for our lives, and still remain present? Or, maybe the real question is: How do we look ahead from a soul perspective while grounded in physical reality?

Maybe it’s easier for some, but in my experience the tendency to shift into grasping can be strong. My monkey mind starts swinging through the trees in search for the what, when, where, and how of what the future holds. It’s as if I can support anything as long as I have an idea of what “it” is.

The truth is; all that leads to is pain and suffering born from an attempt to avoid fears of the unknown. I’m not referring just to what may or may not happen physically. I talking about the underlying feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, and behaving irresponsibly that chasing details and structure serve to avoid.

Often, we just aren’t aware of the genuine opportunity that the universe is presenting. Our defenses convince us that we “should” pursue our futures with diligence, commitment, and passionate force. Otherwise, we are irresponsible and slackers according to a lot of societal and cultural messages.

Manifesting is not something that can be forced into existence. Genuine being, abundance, well-being, and quality of life are not born from desires to “make something happen.” The deeper question is: What does my soul want – not what our doubts and uncertainties seek to calm hidden fears. Manifesting our dreams happens when our souls are aligned with our lives.

Fortunately, I have been through the process of radical change enough to recognize the desire to take off and track what lies ahead. Now, I know better. The future will not manifest better, brighter, and more peacefully by knowing what will unfold. Trust, faith, and patience will guide me ahead in the most genuine and direct manner.

There are always signs that help us glimpse a change in our path. It’s a matter of whether we allow ourselves to see them. Synchronicity presents messages that are initially discounted or denied, and signs can be easy to miss. Sometimes what is taking shape and form exceeds our dreams, and we are so conditioned that it can be like only seeing in black and white instead of full color. Limiting perspectives can easily drown out authentic guidance and support.

Embracing the unknown is scary business. The reality is: Even when we attempt to manifest a bright and shinny future, it is still unknown. Authentic psychics and clairvoyants frequently say how the future is still in flux. Just because they “see” it, doesn’t mean that is what will manifest.

As I attempt to catch a glimpse of what the future holds as a guide, I try to stay patient. Instead of giving into fear of the unknown and trying to force some vision into my consciousness, I simply open to the abundance of possibilities. Opportunities mean choices. Choices mean freedom. Freedom to allow our paths to unfold while opening to guidance and nudges along the way. Centering in soul awareness enables me to appreciate the abundance of possibilities that lie ahead instead of chasing them down.

(This blog was originally published on June 30, 2011. Due to a program crash, I had to re-post. All rights reserved by Sallie Odenthal)

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Great blog entry. I read it and thought ‘this could be me writing this’, it is exactly my own thought process and experience this few years and more. Embracing the unknown, allowing life to unfold and finding the balance between being present and enjoying the experience of that which I desire (without getting into attachment or future yearning). So I experience the present and in the present moment and if my inner self unfolds and a feeling of enjoyment of day dreaming about those things I think will bring me joy I do day dream, yet also knowing I want a strong base and wholeness feeling inside that those ‘desires’ are simply icing on the cake and I am the cake in my present moment awarenesss.

With all the create your own reality and law of attraction sites online it is so easy to fall into the future tripping a lot through ‘trying’ to manifest. Yet I have discovered what will manifest, will manifest whether I consciously try and pursue a thought of creation. It just makes life a lot sweeter if I can think better thoughts, enjoy the moment and my life naturally unfolds, in perfect timing.

This is not always easy though to simply allow the unknown to unfold without trying to get a grip on it through effort. To let go and flow. Yet bit by bit life does this all on its own. I am learning day by day to relax and unfold myself.

Its great to hear someone who understands this. Thanks.