It’s Just Energy

Last night as I was heading to bed, I sensed the presence of energy that I knew was not mine (not at all uncommon). As I commented on this, my husband said “it’s just energy.” In part, his response was a take off from Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s blog this week titled “Just Weather.” Oriah writes: “Because, if it’s just weather, I know a number of things are true: it’s not personal (so there is no point in making myself miserable by taking it personally); it will pass and change; and there is little or nothing I can do about it, so I may as well do what I can (put up the umbrella, shovel the walk, wear a hat) and not suffer over what I can’t do (control the uncontrollable.).” In many ways, I think this can apply to energetic intrusion as well. So, I may as well do what I can (try to clear, center, and observe without taking it on), and lighten up by not taking it so seriously. My husband’s comment was a great boost to shift my perspective to a lighter one. But, why do I take it seriously at all? What prevents me from detaching and only observing even when I know that is in my best interest?

Sometimes, I think our auras are kind of like a firewall on a computer. Auras fluctuate and change due to information that is being transmitted and received. Like a firewall, our sensors run unnoticed in the background of our awareness. Our energy field comes into contact with other energies, it vibrates through, and some message is interpreted and received by our awareness regarding safety and/or threat level of the energy. There are instances when a biological response of flight or flee is triggered. Other times, the same type of response happens on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level. It may be as minor as not wanting to disrupt a pleasurable state of being, or there may be a general sense of danger in terms of the intention behind the energy (whether directed at one personally or not). Regardless, there is an element that is triggered due to our own psychological programming. Our individual firewall senses, interprets, and sends a message; safe or danger. All of this can happen as a reflex response running in the background of our awareness. Then, we may attribute a seriousness and exaggeration of the impact of what we are sensing. Just as the firewall on my computer protects and defends, our auras transmit information, and our subconscious attempts to do the same.

The problem with allowing our awareness of energy to run in the background of our consciousness, is that we are then in a reactive state subject to the whims of our subconscious conditioning. Detaching and observing require being present: Mindful of what we are feeling, thinking, sensing, and so on. Then, we can decide with our conscious minds whether there is really a genuine threat or we are simply overreacting based on fear, insecurity, and doubts regarding our strength and power. Standing in genuine power embodies an awareness that another’s energy cannot truly harm us unless we allow it to. When we lack faith in our own ability to stay balanced, aware, and in genuine power, we open ourselves to the vulnerability of unwanted energetic influences, both internally and externally.

How do I lighten up and not take all the intrusions so seriously? Part of the answer is to recognize that when I feel overwhelmed by energy, on some level part of me has interpreted the intrusion as a threat. Then, I can back away, gain perspective, and diminish the control I give to some thing or one other than my authentic being. I can foster trust and faith in my ability to remain safe and protected by allowing my genuine self and soul to be present and heard instead of giving the unwanted influences the podium. I can release the seriousness and lighten up. I can remember that the energy will change and pass, and do what I can to feel safe, happy, and joyful.

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