As I continue to develop and deepen my awareness, I am still amazed by how vulnerable we can be to the energetic influence of another. I have learned to strengthen my own energy and allow my soul’s voice to be heard even in the midst of chaos, yet I still struggle when the energetic presence of another pushes in on me. After a particularly disrupted evening due to unwanted influences and energetic intrusions, I came upon a movie called Heart and Souls. I have seen the movie before, but the timing was synchronistic since it presented a fluff rendition of intrusion.

In the movie, four people die in a bus crash and become attached to a baby that is born at the same time. The four souls are loving companions for the infant and toddler. But, as the child grows up, the adults in his world become concerned that he has psychological issues due to his “imaginary” friends, so they disappear from his reality. They are still attached to him, but he is no longer aware of their presence. Many years later, the souls are required to move on at which time they discover that they were suppose to utilize the boy, who is now a man played by Robert Downey Jr., to clear unfinished business before moving onto another plane of existence. The souls then reappear to the man, and one by one each soul takes over the man’s body and completes whatever task or communication they felt they needed to do in order to move on.

I mention the movie because I think that sometimes energetic intrusion can feel like we are possessed by another. We are moving along in what seems like our own energy and lives when suddenly, we get segued energetically. Many times, the shift is due to our own spiritual and psychological processes. Some thing, event, or thought triggers a reaction. Our energy shifts. If we are mindful, we observe the change and stay present. A lovely goal and one I attempt to practice, but since I am not an enlightened being or spiritual master, I can easily lose my way. Alas, there are many times when the best I can do is to simply observe what’s taking place in spite of not being in control of my behavior. It’s not just with my own self. I have observed others shift and struggle with an intrusion that seems to take them over and influence their behavior, reaction, and rationality. It can be a bit like watching ourselves or another becoming intoxicated as the affects of drugs take over.

The more I grow, learn, and expand my awareness, the less I am likely to be swept away. Healing releases me from the cycle of reactivity and perceived threat. As I open to bearing witness to my own pain, I find that I am better able to maintain a broader perspective and stay afloat instead of drowning in the current. However, there are many times when I am not the only one being disrupted, and the combined effort of more than one person being challenged to stay present and grounded can be extremely difficult. Arguments, tension, and stress can unfold. Drama sets the stage with a bad script as we become actors in a play instead of authentic characters. Intrusion can be like being inebriated, and intoxication can trigger irrational thinking and behavior. We’re challenged to not buy into triggers that are baiting the trap of suffering born from reactivity and baggage. It can be a struggle to back away and not over personalize what is happening, but if we don’t sober up, we’ll drown.

I feel strongly that as human beings, we dramatically underestimate the energetic influence we have on one another. Regardless of whether we consider an emotion positive or negative, when we have intense feelings for another, an energetic projection is created. Often, the energetic presence of another is harmless. Other times, there are sincere and focused attempts to manipulate, control, and possess us. Various energies present to our awareness, and even if we are not consciously aware of a presence, we are still influenced by the energy. As with the boy in the film, just because he stopped seeing the souls that were attached to him did not mean that they no longer existed or had gone away.

Being authentic embraces awareness of the various energies that influence us and in turn one another. Mindlessness can become mindfulness. We can make our way to shore in spite of the raging current and stand on our own two feet. We can take responsibility for our energy by owning our feelings, thoughts, pain, and fears. Most importantly, we can heal ourselves by responding appropriately to what we are seeing, sensing, and projecting. We can stop throwing our trash at one another energetically with blaming, fear, and control. Instead, we can bear witness to pain and fear as a means to end suffering. When we face our pain, we foster genuine compassion, and loving kindness has a chance.

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