Intention and Attention

Previously, I wrote about commitment and wondering about how commitment can lead us to take a leap into the unknown. I posed the questions: “How, where, and when do I simply just leap?” and “how do I know the difference between allowing an idea to ripen verses an absence of commitment?” One of the considerations regarding these questions for me, is to first start with intention. Clarifying our intentions are important to any process if we are to foster focus, attention, and action which can create the manifestation of our intentions. For me, frequently the intention aspect comes more easily. However, as I attempt to move forward towards manifesting my intention(s), I find I must then evaluate, choose, and act on choices regarding where I choose to focus my attention. Intention serves as a mission statement that guides my goals, hopes, and dreams for my evolving self and life. I do the best I can to center in integrity and my own process of becoming. I try to open, seek the highest ground possible for myself in that moment, and create a dream that I hope to manifest or use as a stepping stone to manifest even greater dreams than I imagined possible. I try not to limit my dreams with too many details that can create limitations by blocking an even more fulfilling dream from my awareness. But, I am also aware of the trappings of my human existence and the current state of my struggles to break free of my own self imposed limitations that block me from flight. In other words, I am aware of my own sabotages and neuroses that can cloud my attention to that which propels me towards unlimited potential verses diversion.

Regardless of how much we may or may not understand about our own processes, we are still faced with the reality that we makes choices, whether conscious or unconscious, and a huge factor in determining the choices we make is what we choose to focus our attention on. For the reality of human experience is that we still need to function with the details of daily existence and, what can often seem like, mundane realities and duties. So, in the face of gallantly setting my intentions, I am also aware that my intentions are only meaningful if I alter my attention to include the details of what needs to be tended to in order for my intentions to be realized. For intention is not enough. We must act in whatever shape and form that takes for our intentions to have meaning and purpose. The action may be internal or external. Meditation, physical movement, creative expression, seeking assistance and support, spiritual exploration, and education, are a few examples of action that can encourage us to shift our attention to that which can propel us towards the realization of our dreams.

For me, intentions are more than just a goal or dream. Intentions serve as my guiding force that steers me towards an authentic and meaningful existence that is based in integrity, honesty, and hopefully, wise and appropriate action. Attention is the action I take to move towards the realization of my potential or divert myself from conscious awareness, all that is, and loving kindness. Commitment allows me to observe my choices that divert my attention and steer my actions off course while not losing sight of my intentions. Being mindful and present allow me to center my attention in a meaningful manner where faith and trust can spring forth giving birth to purposeful action.



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