Is Healing a Creative Process?


Growth and healing rock! It’s like taking flight and soaring with the energy of grace. When I experience healing, it’s like a breath of fresh invigorating air.  I break free of another layer of the tyranny of conditioning, open to the ever expanding awareness of my soul, guides, and teachers, and soak in the energy of well-being. I know that I am alive, I am ok, and I am more than I have taught myself to be. I dip my toe in the pool of unlimited potential and immerse myself in the healing waters of expanded awareness. I let go and allow myself to be supported by the energy and presence of all that is.

Frog counter close up
Frog Mosaic by Sallie Odenthal

I do attempt to facilitate growth and healing as part of my spiritual practice. Yet, intention is not enough. Even following through with practice may not align the aspects of ourselves in a manner that transforms us. I know that I am responsible for my growth, yet I also know that I am part of something more, something bigger and more expansive than my physical awareness can fathom. I do believe that spiritual and energetic support is always available to us – all of us. I also think that we create blocks and diversions that cloud our awareness and can leave us feeling alone. As I attempt to integrate and fully appreciate healing, I also look at the process that shapes transformation. In hope of continuing on my path of growth, I evaluate what nurtures my process of evolution.

Iguana counter close up
Iguana Mosaic by Sallie Odenthal

What nurtures growth may be different for each of us. For me, creative expression is huge. When I give myself permission to simply try and create, in whatever shape and form that takes, I make room for genuine joy. I feel more connected to my life. Not my current life circumstances, but my lifetime. I feel that I am giving my soul a voice. Psychological and spiritual energies are mingling in a healthy and balanced manner. That is not to say that the creative process is easy or always joyful. Frustration and disappointment seem to go hand in hand with the creative process, at least for me. But, when I have spent time allowing the movement of creative energy to be expressed, I simply feel better overall.

When we cultivate action that blends ego and soul, we support joy, health, and well-being. It can be challenging to balance letting go of limitations with still needing structure in which to give form to spiritual energies. It can feel like trying to take something intangible and expansive and wrangling it into something solid. That is how I feel about the healing process. I sense potential, and I seek some way to make that potential tangible in order to transform.

As I look at the process of healing, I see a strong resemblance to creativity. Could it be that healing is also a creative process? When I give myself permission to let go and face whatever is calling out for my attention, I experience a similar transition. The process becomes familiar. Acknowledge what is calling out for attention, track the energy, identify and give shape and form to the energy. Both the process of healing and creativity involve making something vague more concrete. We may have an idea or concept – like what we desire to cook, paint, build, etc. – and we then determine how to execute it. Growth is no different. My concept is to be more mindful, aware, joyful, and happy. The execution is to meditate, process, observe, and let go. As with creative expression, sometimes I don’t follow through with action or the outcome is disappointing. And, like this article, the result may be different than what it started out to be.

I realize now that, yes, healing is a creative process. I am attempting to tap into something more expansive than my ego self, my human self, and the limitations of my conditioning. In order for transformation to take place, I am required to let go and reach for something beyond my current awareness. I transcend the tyranny of lack and allow my consciousness to say: Maybe you can. You can create something meaningful. You can transform your being, your life, and enjoy who you are, where you are, and what you are – right now in this moment. Creativity and healing give my life meaning and purpose and nurture a joyful existence.

May you find the spirit of creation that helps you to soar on the wings of grace.

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