As I reflect back on the last year, and the growth that I’ve nurtured, I realize the importance of grounding. I have learned a lot about energy, beneficial or not, and I still have a long way to go. However, one thing that keeps presenting itself to my awareness is that regardless of what is going on internally or externally, staying grounded is a significant key to happiness and well being. Being grounded can mean a variety of things to people. For me, it means being present and in my body. The more I am anchored in my awareness of being as fully in my body as possible, the greater the likelihood that I will respond to whatever I am experiencing with equanimity. When I am grounded, I am more likely to simply witness and observe. I can allow for emotional and mental responses without being swept away in the current of them. Like a raging river, our monkey minds and emotional reactivity can carry us down a path that can leave us trying to make our way back upstream. Depending on the flow of energy we buy into or create, the trip home can be calm or treacherous.

Staying grounded can be a lot more challenging than many might imagine. In part because once we are spaced out, disconnected, disassociated, or swept away, it tends to be harder to come back, get more fully into our bodies, and focus our awareness in the present. In Buddhist psychology they refer to three personality types: grasping, aversion, and delusional. All refer to an attempt by our ego or personality selves to focus on something other than being fully present or mindful. Whether reaching for something that isn’t here, avoiding our fears, or simply checking out and disassociating, we all have a tendency to utilize various types of defense mechanisms to avoid simply being here now. Right here, right now, regardless of what is going on in our lives. Once we are distracted, it can be tricky to get our attention back to the present. We are then faced with the task of attempting to find our way by refocusing our attention and navigating the currents and energies that persuaded us to divert our awareness elsewhere. We may need to process the experience which requires conscious time. Regardless, we need to digest the energy in order to clear and heal.

For me, faith is a foundation for grounding. Faith that we will be okay regardless of what may happen; that we are strong enough, worthy enough, and capable of coping with whatever life offers. The more I foster confidence, strength, and trust in my authentic self, the greater the space I create for my soul’s presence. The more I fully inhabit my body, the more I create a stage for my life. My story can unfold with humor and less drama. Often, it can be easier to notice stress and disease than fun and peace. When we fully inhabit our bodies, we can expand beyond coping to joyful exploration. The more I ground into my body and life, the more I create and play. Grounding allows our souls to play through the human experience. Faith can give us the confidence to stay present and connected to our body.

Grounding is a process that invites our souls to fully inhabit our bodies and lives. When we ground, we anchor our soul to the present: our current body, life experiences, and the world in which we reside. We build a bridge between the universe and the earth. We foster an awareness of being of this earth and part of all that is. The more I ground, the less drama in my life. Joy and levity prevail. Loving kindness gains momentum. Life is worth living and definitely more fun!

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