Where Do We Find Inspiration to Create?

The messenger
The Messenger by AlicePopkorn

I want to write, I really do. But, in spite of my best intentions, I still find myself struggling with what to write about? Which leaves me to question: Why do I feel committed to write in spite of lacking inspiration regarding a topic?

I don’t consider myself a true “writer.” There are artists who are driven from deep within to creatively express themselves through words. Real writers have to write, need to write, and I’m sure work much more diligently than I do at honing their skills. Whereas I do not even consider myself particularly articulate. So, where does the drive come from?

In part, writing is another form of creative expression. Even though I do not write fiction, and I don’t necessarily consider my writing creative, it still requires the same basic foundation as any other artistic undertaking. All require risk taking, venturing into unfamiliar territory, and forging a way through discomfort. Don’t get me wrong, creating can be fun and joyful. But, I, and I know many others, find that more often than not, the initial process of turning inspiration into actual expression (i.e., story or article, painting, sculpture, mosaic, and so on) to be quite challenging. Even when inspired, execution can be elusive.

One thing I know that will sabotage genuine efforts to endeavor into the world of creativity: Attaching the outcome to a sense of personal value or self-worth. Creativity is born from spirit and gives voice to our souls. It may seem unavoidable to completely free ourselves from judging the product of our efforts. But, true success is allowing ourselves to explore our potential. Genuine achievement comes from embracing the process not the product. Our potential lies in the unknown and unfamiliar and may look quite different than we expect. Nurturing potential requires an openness to growth and expansion. In other words: Learning something new.

Where do I find inspiration? From the aspect of myself that hungers for spirit and to feel my soul’s presence. I desire to write, as well as other forms of creative expression, because I hunger for all that is, universal light, or whatever you choose to call it, to come to me. When I write, I am calling out to be a channel for genuine expression of spirit and soul. I am calling to be sung to by that which feeds my soul, self, and life. I am choosing to live… really live not just tag along for the ride.

So there you have it. A blog born from inspiration in spite of a blank topic, feeling that I have nothing to say, and struggling to give voice to a longing. Along the way I found that desire can translate into action in spite of my personal doubts. I have “succeeded” at the process regardless of the outcome. I jumped and found that I didn’t crash.

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