Connecting the Dots

It’s amusing really. Once again, I find myself caught in the illusion that there is no theme to recent influences in my life only to discover a pattern. It’s like connecting dots. When we are too close, all we may see is the dot itself. But, once we expand our perspective and get a little distance, a picture emerges. Shape and form are birthed from detail.

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One of my dots relates to the influence of energetic intrusion. The image that comes to mind is of the ripples that emanate outward from something hitting water. For me, it can be all too easy to get caught in the ripples. Instead of allowing the energy to pass on by, I lead myself astray by chasing – grasping really – instead of simply being.

It’s always interesting to me how quickly and easily the universe rises up to meet us with symbols, messages, or synchronicity. As I was meditating and realizing that I was riding the effects of energy, there was a knock on my door – literally. An unknown person at my door is a rare occurrence, so the synchronicity did not escape my perception. Then, the phone rang showing an anonymous caller. I chose to simply let both pass on by. That is when I saw the pattern that supported my observations: Let something pop in and move on instead of getting caught up in the ripples.

I realize that creating meaning in something that seems so superficial like an unknown phone call or visitor may seem silly. I’m ok with that. I lead a simple life which can sometimes mean that opportunity presents itself in unusual ways. Part of my daily prayer includes asking for “easily recognizable signs”, so I try not to argue with the shape and form events and experiences take. I try to stay open and receptive in spite of my psyche trying to overemphasize the details.

The examples above are simple reminders for me to come back to center and stop being swept away by giving more substance to something than is warranted. It gets my attention and helps me to expand my perspective. As I observe more, I realize that on a deeper level there are other dots that are contributing to a more significant theme.

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A pattern that relates to a shift is taking place in my life. As I allow for the markers to start guiding my way, I start to see the possibility of an undiscovered path: A path that I have been hesitant to pursue. I have no idea where this path will take me. I only know that I am allowing for the potential that can develop when we reach beyond previous conditioning, ideas, and perspectives.

Living with an open mind and heart requires more than intention. It asks us to walk our talk, not just talk the talk. Ultimately, we will be asked to explore undiscovered territory as one pattern gives way to many more. The evolving picture may not resemble anything we imagined for ourselves. Our experiences are the dots that make up the murals of our lives. As the saying goes: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. May we create beauty and joy.


© Sallie Odenthal 2012

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