Shore Sentry by puliarf

Recently, I was observing confusion. Confusion can be like a fog that rolls in leaving us searching for safe passage. Hopefully, we find a beacon to guide us through the fog and to shore. The energy of confusion can be indefinite, muddled, and choppy. Even trying to write about confusion is a bit… well, confusing.

Often, the process of growth can be preceded by a state of sensing something unfamiliar. As we expand our awareness to go beyond previous states, there can be an interim between clouds and clarity. In some instances, we may simply be searching for a solution to a dilemma, and confusion seems to settle in before we find the lighthouse.

I think confusion is also a form of manipulation.

I have had many experiences with energetic intrusion that initially cloud my awareness with doubt, diversion, and lack of confidence. One thing that I have learned: When another is projecting energy my way, and they do not want to be discovered, confusion can be a form of camouflage. I know that when I am continually mystified by the source of an intrusion, that eventually I will recognize confusion as a mask that the source uses to hide its true identity. Once I discover the costume, I can usually see who is wearing it. Then, clarity can prevail.

I have also had experiences with people who are intentionally trying to manipulate me or others for their own gain. In these situations, it is common for people to use confusion as a way to throw their opponent off balance. If they can get us to question ourselves and our choices, then hopefully, we’ll change and behave in a manner that they seek. Politics, advertising, and even those who genuinely care for us, can have agendas that seek to lure us to their way of being and thinking. The more we get confused, the less likely we are to center, ground, and stand in genuine power.

Of course we can do all of the above to our own selves. Confusion can be a wonderful diversion. After all, if I don’t know what to do, I don’t have to honestly take responsibility for my choices. If we don’t know what to confront within own beings, then we don’t have to face our own pain and suffering.

Ultimately, regardless of what triggers confusion, I know that I am the one responsible. I may roll in the fog as a way to break up my conditioned responses and thinking or I may be mistaking another’s energy for my own. However, I realize that if I allow this state to continue, I am avoiding something. Some pain and suffering that allows me to deny my worth and power. Another may be sending fog my way, but I am the one that chooses whether to idle around offshore or break through and return to harbor.

Confusion can be part of the course of discovery, a defense mechanism, or a resource utilized by another to manipulate us. Regardless, it is up to us to recognize when the fog rolls in, find the light that shines through, and stay true to our course. As we chart our way through currents and weather, we can reach clear water and calm seas by understanding the dynamics of confusion. We may not be able to control the weather, but we can respond with compassion, patience, and honest observation.


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