Moving Forward with Risk Taking

Life involves risk whether we are aware of the possible consequences of our choices or not. Each and every moment we are alive, we are making choices. Some are automatic like breathing. Many are driven by our subconscious and sneak by our awareness. If we are mindful, we are attempting to be aware and conscious Read more…..

Prayer for the New Year

Life is filled with surprises. Even when something happens that we anticipate, our reaction and the consequences of an experience may still catch us by surprise. We cannot plan or control what goes on in the world, but we can foster peace and grace through acceptance and loving kindness. We can do our best – Read more…..

How do we know when, or if, we have truly and completely forgiven another?

Forgiveness is a process. I find that it is rarely a simple and straightforward task. The practice of forgiveness can seem never ending, especially when abuse, manipulation, and betrayal are involved. In A Lamp in the Darkness by Jack Kornfield (Sounds True, 2011), he tells the story of how one of his teachers asks him Read more…..

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

For me, it can be easy to hope for the best in others. Even if they are someone who I choose not be around, I still wish for their happiness and well-being. Honestly, the planet does not need any more toxic unhappiness, so another being does not need my approval in order for me to Read more…..

The Dance of Codependency

Decades ago, I was stunned when a therapist pointed out that I was behaving in a codependent manner. This came as a revelation to me. I hadn’t realized how easily I took more than my fair share of responsibility for how others felt. In particular, I was very adept at taking on blame. In all Read more…..