Trying Something New

Recently, I wrote a blog about the Path of Vulnerability. In an effort to walk my talk and put my discoveries into practice, I opened to creating change within myself. I observed my resistance, reminded myself that I chose happiness, and that being mindful of my feelings of vulnerability could assist me with achieving that Read more…..

Utilizing the Four Directions to Facilitate Communication

(When I redesigned this site, I eliminated the articles page. I am republishing some of those writings in order to include them in the current site. This article was originally posted in 2006.) The following model is one that I created for a workshop that I was teaching on communication at our local community college Read more…..

The Path of Vulnerability

There’s a wonderful presentation by Brene Brown posted on YouTube called The Power of Vulnerability (click here to view the video). What she discovered after six years of research surprised her… and me. Initially, her discovery that humans share a sense of fear and shame which relates to a sense of unworthiness was familiar to Read more…..

The Thrill and Chills of Completing a Challenge

It’s been an interesting month. I took on a major project that turned out to be way more challenging than I anticipated. What I thought would take about five days took over three weeks. But, here it is, my new website! Normally, I wouldn’t think about writing a blog relating to creating a website. And, Read more…..

The Cusp of Change: Evolving Beyond Fight or Flee

Once again I find myself at the cusp of change. I can feel an inner stirring to evolve beyond my current emotional and mental reactivity. As I settle into the awareness of potential healing, I find myself glimpsing the familiar signs that gently nudge me along the way. Then again, maybe they’re not so gentle. Read more…..

Opening to Fear of Loss

Life will inevitably bring deep loss to all of us at some point. Somehow, somewhere, some person, place or thing will trigger an ache so deep that we may fear it is too much to bear. I have experienced a lot of loss in my life. Family, friends, pets, and relationships come and go; often Read more…..