Stretching My Comfort Zone

You may have noticed – or not – that I started a new category: Adventures in Buddhism. First, I want to emphasize that my writing regarding this subject is not about Buddhist teachings. I am neither qualified nor motivated to do that. The truth is that even though I am no stranger to personal growth, Read more…..

Eclecticism: Friend or Foe?

In my previous blog post (Connecting the Dots), I mentioned identifying emerging patterns. As I discovered one pattern, a deeper theme bubbled to the surface that related to eclecticism, so I thought I’d share some of my process. Just last week I was reminding myself of how eclectic I am. All you have to do Read more…..

Connecting the Dots

It’s amusing really. Once again, I find myself caught in the illusion that there is no theme to recent influences in my life only to discover a pattern. It’s like connecting dots. When we are too close, all we may see is the dot itself. But, once we expand our perspective and get a little Read more…..

More Heart, Less Head

The other day I was mediating and this popped into my awareness: More heart, less head. The dance between mind and heart can be a tricky one. Often, emotions are reactions to thoughts whether we are conscious of them or not. Yet, our minds can also railroad us into avoiding our emotions and closing down Read more…..

What Did That Sign Say?

The signs are everywhere….if you look, and remember to follow through. Encarta defines memory as: the ability … to retain learned information and knowledge of past events and experiences and to retrieve that information and knowledge. Granted, I’m middle aged (which means that most of my family and friends are as well), but memory issues Read more…..