The Inner Revolution of Sukha Dukkha

If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you may have noticed a theme of change. I’d like to say that I’m settled in and that the ground has stopped shaking, but that is simply not the case. The changes that are taking shape are still blurred and out of focus. It reminds me of creating Read more…..

Learning To Be More Gentle With Myself

My lesson of the week: Patience, letting go, and allowing for things to unfold without forcing or getting so caught up in expectations, fears, and comparing mind. It’s been a little over a month since we started going to a Buddhist center. As the category suggests, it is an adventure. I will say that I Read more…..

The Dance of Expansion and Contraction

Initially, creating growth and change can be like stepping out onto a dance floor. We haven’t really started to dance yet, but we’re open to the opportunity and willing to consider trying. Then, as we start to move around, we can be faced with a variety of experiences: joy, happiness, fun, anxiety, fear, and stress. Read more…..

I’m a Steamroller Baby…. Or, Not

I have spent many years, decades actually, struggling with low energy. Physically this – what feels like a lack of energy – has ranged from debilitating fatigue to just being tired. There have been a variety of factors contributing to my inability to simply accomplish and do more physically. Environmental stressors (like moving a lot!), Read more…..

7 Tips for Nurturing Inner Peace

1.    Don’t take on other’s burdens as your own. The most meaningful support is born from compassion and loving kindness. When we carry another’s issue as our own, our personal agenda adds to the burden as opposed to lightening the load. Then, we can easily become the ones that need support instead of being supportive. Read more…..