What Does It Mean to Be Buddhist?

When I started on a path of spiritual exploration several decades ago, I used to refer to certain times as being in the “spiritual gutter.” What I meant by that was that sometimes it felt like I was climbing up a ladder and then would suddenly push myself off. I would watch as I flailed Read more…..

Sorting Through the Roots of Karma

I’ve been writing this blog for a little over two years now. It’s been an interesting journey, and I have changed and grown significantly in that time. Yet, I still find it fascinating how certain issues still come to play. As much as I heal, there are times when I wonder if I’ve really gotten Read more…..

Planting Seeds of Life

Awhile back I was feeling like I had spent many of the past years of my life clearing and letting go. Like ground that needs to be cleared, weeded, and tilled, I had a sense that I kept working the field of my life to grow something. I also felt like I hadn’t really planted Read more…..


Last week I wrote a blog titled: How do we know when we’re ready?In it, I talked about some of my resistance and fear that was triggered by becoming part of a Buddhist community or Sangha. After doing some processing around that issue, I found myself lighter, happier, and inspired. The reason I write these Read more…..

How Do We Know When We’re “Ready?”

I’ve often heard references in a wide variety of contexts regarding being “ready.” Mainly, that if one is not ready – for whatever change, reality, or awareness – that the vehicle, help, or message will not be heard. Or, the opposite that when we are ready, opportunity knocks. Then, it’s a matter of whether we Read more…..