Realigning to Change

While meditating this morning, I found myself asking a question: How do I realign my life to more genuinely reflect the changes that have taken place? At first, my mind started chasing “what” I could do differently. I am quite familiar with that tact. Like a race horse out of the gate, it runs on Read more…..

Surrendering to Joy

The other day I went to a day retreat that included four to five hours of meditation. A couple of things caught me by surprise. First, apparently I can barely walk! I have memories of dancing so lightly from rock to rock down creek beds that made it seem like level ground. Ok, I was Read more…..

It’s Been Quite a Year!

It’s a beautiful sunny day (not all that common in the Pacific NW) ripe with suggestions of an approaching spring. As the awareness of winter soon coming to an end sinks in, I find myself reflecting on the past year. It was about this time last year that I started going to a Buddhist center. Read more…..

Deconstructing Control

On multiple occasions I’ve heard teachers refer to “controlling” the mind. Control is a word and concept that I struggle with. It rubs me against me and feels coarse. So, when it came up in my meditation, I welcomed the opportunity to examine my relationship with issues of control more closely. Encarta Dictionary defines control Read more…..

Corrupting an Intention to Not Harm Others into a Defense Mechanism

This morning, I was investigating the motivation behind some of my habits that are rooted in diversion. Initially, the usual suspects came to mind: self-doubt and lack of confidence in my abilities and worth. Yet, that just didn’t carry the energy that can lead to letting go and transformation. I knew there was something undiscovered Read more…..

Opening to Undiscovered Ways of Being

Often there are concepts that we understand intellectually. Yet, in my experience there is a significant difference between understanding and knowing. The difference can be subtle. I can sense and feel – almost on a cellular level – when something has really sunk in. It’s a simultaneous release and expansion. As I allow my awareness Read more…..