Power, Fear, and Equanimity

As I’ve mentioned many times, energetic intrusion has been an ongoing challenge and process of expanded awareness and growth for me. It has been a strong theme that began decades ago and was consciously birthed from a desire to connect with spiritual guides. As with any path of awakening, we will encounter an extreme variety Read more…..

Emotional Awareness

Emotions are a tricky thing. They can change from moment to moment, float by like a whisper, or possess the screaming force of a category five hurricane! I think one of the most challenging things about emotions for many, is to accurately identify what they are feeling. There is a stereotype that women are more Read more…..


According to Encarta Dictionary, one definition of discomfort is the “cause of lack of comfort; something that makes somebody feel physically or mentally uncomfortable.” But, what is discomfort really? For that matter, what is comfort? I do agree that the two are related. I also think that states of comfort and discomfort are relative and Read more…..