Chasing Down the Root of Unworthiness

It seems that there is almost a universal message: As human beings, we share common ground when it comes to feelings of unworthiness and not being deserving of genuine joy and happiness. For me, the theme has become so common and widespread that whenever I witness suffering – whether of my own making or another’s Read more…..

Breaking Free of the Tyranny of Blame

Blame is a sensitive issue for me. Not because I tend to blame others for my way of being and feeling. Judging others is not my strong suit. Judging myself on the other hand, I excel at that! The painful reality is that in the long run, there is very little difference between judging ourselves Read more…..

Recognizing Patterns

Being human certainly has its challenges. Our bodies manifest patterns that present in unlimited forms. Sometimes the symptoms are obvious, and other times the patterns remain hidden from our awareness. It seems to me, there is always some sort of message being sent through our bodies. The messages may be something simple and mundane like: Read more…..