Adventures in Energetic Awareness: Intro

For many years, I have felt strongly that one of the most underestimated aspects of the human experience is the energetic influence we have on one another. For decades of my life, I have striven to learn, grow, sense, and understand the effects of energy, and my experiences have only served to validate this theory. As I continue to navigate the waters of differentiation between the many layers of my own self, I have also discovered the varying intentions, aspects, and influences of others. It took me a long while to understand myself clearly enough in order to realize how often I was mistaking my mood and state of being as solely originating from my own being. Don’t get me wrong. I and only I am responsible for how I feel and behave. However, it has been my experience that it takes a tremendous amount of self discovery, work, awareness, openness, and honesty with one’s self in order to truly recognize energy as being my own or my reaction to and taking on of another’s energy.

I have approached the topic and my experience of energetic intrusion from a wide variety of techniques, and I persist with adding to my repertoire of resources as I continue to grow and expand my awareness. Over the years, I have acquired information from meditating, journaling, channeling, books, journeying, shamanism, self help, spirituality, and anything that I can find or experience directly that will assist me with observing yet staying clear, centered, and grounded in my own energy. It’s not just about freeing myself from the unwanted influences and non-beneficial energies externally and internally, but I am also aware that I do not want to contribute to the unwanted influence of another, the community, planet, and universe in which I reside. For if I acknowledge the intrusion and disruptive flows that effect me, I know that ethically I must act with the best intentions of non-intrusion concerning what I send out to the world and universe in which I reside.

More recently, I have once again sought out resources and information concerning energetic influence, or what some call psychic self defense. Once again, I have found an extremely limited smattering of information that left me dissatisfied even though I picked up a few more tips and insights. All of this experience has lead me to set my intention for the last couple of years on discovering and becoming more masterful at steering clear of the overwhelming effects of energetic intrusion of another. In particular, I have had some extremely challenging relationships that in spite of the relationship ending on a physical level, has ceased to terminate on an energetic and psychic level.

Due to my passion for this topic, the information that I have gathered, and what appears to me to be an absence of multidimensional information and guidance readily available, I have decided to write a series of ongoing articles based on what I have learned about energetic awareness and intrusion. None of the information I present is intended to represent absolute truth and reality. Especially, since I don’t believe in absolute truth anyway. I try to avoid the limiting structures that beliefs impose. Instead, I prefer to try to remain as open and flexible as possible allowing for imagination and magic to flow in a positive, loving, and healing manner. It is always my intention to serve the highest healing potential possible, and it is my hope that the information I share will be utilized for healing and transformational purposes only.



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