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Infinite Healing was created by Sallie Odenthal in 2004 as an expression of spirit, creativity, psychological awareness, and a desire to be of service. It is my hope that this site will help promote unlimited potential, infinite healing, and creative expression in all who desire it. My intention is to be a resource for well being and to do no harm.

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About Sallie Odenthal

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I am an artist, hold graduate degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy, trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and have a B.S. in Business Administration. My professional background is eclectic including experience as a first mate on a 44′ sail boat for daily snorkel and sailing charters in the Florida Keys, vacation rental property manager, private practice as a psychotherapist, a counselor for Hospice and the Sexual and Physical Abuse Resource Center, and teacher. Currently, I offer services as a custom mosaic artist. My true passion in life is a lifelong pursuit of personal growth and spiritual awareness. The pursuit of my passion takes me on many adventures and is not an easy path. However, growth and expanded awareness give my life meaning and purpose. It is a choice that I cannot deny. Creating a life centered in spirit sustains me, guides me towards grace, and diminishes the need for pain and suffering in my life. For me, the path of least resistance lies in being proactive, taking genuine responsibility (developing the ability to respond appropriately), and living consciously. My greatest support and refuge is in my commitment to Theravada Buddhism in the Thai Forest Tradition and the Triple Gem: Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha.

In addition, I am deeply grateful to the monastics at OAOR (Oregon Ariyamagga Okasati Refuge) and the Pacific Hermitage for their continued support, teaching, and generosity! Sadhu!


About Jaye Campbell

Flying Shuttle Weaving Studio

Jayeatloom.315162246I started my custom handweaving business, Flying Shuttle Handweaving, in 1979. Living in Portland, Oregon, I especially embrace the weaving of sacred textiles for local churches, synagogues, temples and spiritual individuals. Custom textiles include paraments (liturgical altar and lectern cloths, burse and veil), Jewish prayer shawls (tallits) and wedding canopies (chuppahs), meditation shawls, prayer rugs, and personal altar coverings. I also weave Judaic fabrics for the home such as challah covers and Passover textiles and for the synagogue: Torah curtain (parokhet), Torah mantles and lectern cloth (bimah).

Custom interior design textiles for the home and public spaces are my specialty. These handwoven fabrics consist of upholstery, rugs, curtains, window transparencies, room dividers, and wall hangings. With an educational background in history, I enjoy historical reproduction of textiles. I have woven over 160 yards of upholstery fabric for the National Historic Landmark Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood in Oregon. My fabric appears on chairs and couches throughout the main building. I am a volunteer consultant for The Gordon House at The Oregon Garden in Silverton, Oregon. This house, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, has fabric on the living room banquette which I will reproduce.I have been teaching weaving at the Multnomah Arts Center in Portland, since 1981. I am the Arts Center’s Gallery and Textiles Coordinator. In addition, I assist private students in the Portland area who have their own looms and prefer instruction in their homes. I enjoy inlay techniques which allow me freedom to do painterly weavings. I have received grants to study handwoven inlay in Latin America and Asia. I have published articles in Handwoven magazine. Paraments for St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Beaverton, Oregon, were featured in Fiberarts Design Book 7, Lark Books, 2004.Currently, I am serving on the board of Alberta Main Street a non-profit organization.